It Began With the Forging of the Great Rings...

Soon the light at the gate was like a little bright hole far behind, and the quiet was so deep that their feet seemed to thump along while all the trees leaned over them and listened

shinysofi replied to your post: So the other day in calc my friend bro…

You are awesome.

Glad you think so haha. My friend now thinks I’m a bit strange

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fantasticwaffle replied to your post: “So the other day in calc my friend brought up that she had watched…”:
Holy shit, a kindred spirit… I thought I was alone.

ahaha, nope :)

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lord of the rings: color palettes. inspired by (x)

Make me choose: darthdaenerys asked: William Turner or Legolas Greenleaf

In a great hall with pillars hewn out of the living stone sat the Elvenking on a chair of carven wood. On his head was a crown of berries and red leaves, for the autumn was come again. In the spring he wore a crown of woodland flowers. In his hand he held a carven staff of oak.


The King Under the Mountain is dead! I took his throne! I ate his people like a wolf among sheep. I kill where I wish, when I wish. My armor is iron! NO BLADE CAN PIERCE ME!

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